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Automobile Restoration

T&A's Mobile Welding and Repair brings the shop to you. If you have a hobby car sitting around on blocks, waiting to get floor pans welded in, motor mounts modified, or any other welding need keeping you from finishing your dream car, call us today. We come to you to make it affordable and convenient for you, rather than trying to find methods of transport for those stationary projects. T&A handles floor pans, brackets of any kind, frame modifications, roll cages, bumpers, hitches, fire walls and just about any other metal requirement you may need to finish your project. We also handle cracks or breaks in ATV, dirt bike, and any other off-road toys you may need repaired or modified. Never hesitate to call us for superior welding in our valley with T&A's Welding.

Frame Alteration 1 Frame Alteration 2 Frame Alteration 3 Frame Alteration 4

Frame Alteration

Our mobile welders also handle minor rim repairs, saving costs on purchasing an entirely new wheel, or in some cases an entire set, if the rim has been removed off the market. Standard time frame for custom rims to stay on the shelves are usually around two years. If you have a rim with road rash or a minor crack in which it may be leaking air, T&A can fix your problem preventing you the costs for replacement. Our welders will also help with simple exhaust leak problems and/or replacement.

Rim Repairs 1 Rim Repairs 2 Rim Repairs 3 Rim Repairs 4 Rim Repairs 5

Rim Repairs (Examples)

T&A's Mobile Welding will happily take care of any of your auto needs from simple repairs to full restorations. We handle commercial accounts with dealers as well as residential clients that do it themselves. T&A can repair cracked aluminum, cast, or mild steel that you will find mostly on any vehicle from cracked A/C brackets, motor mounts, cracked transmission cases, frame alterations, restorations, to a simple exhaust leak. We strive to be the most cost-efficient means of repair when fabricating or modifying any of your auto repair needs, and prevent our clients from always purchasing new parts that a simple weld can make it like new. Before you replace any part, please call us to look at it first at (480) 262-2120.

Challenger Shell Work 1 Challenger Shell Work 2 Challenger Shell Work 3 Challenger Shell Work 4

Challenger Shell Work

Rusted Wheel Well Re-Enforced 1 Rusted Wheel Well Re-Enforced 2 Rusted Wheel Well Re-Enforced 3 Rusted Wheel Well Re-Enforced 4

Rusted Wheel Well Re-Enforced