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Gate Repair and Fence Repairs

Our mobile welding service offers a variety of services relating to gate repairs/fence and railing repairs and/or fabrication.

T&A's Welding provides services for all types of gate repair such as entrance gates, custom gates, wrought iron, pool gates, RV gate repair, or your own custom designed gate. We come to your location, sit down and listen to your ideal gate design for your home or business. Our mobile welders and Fabricators will provide you with recommendations and suggestions to ensure your gate and or fence is safe and exactly what you had in mind. We will measure the openings in which you would like a gate and/or fence installed, or repair an existing gate or fence that may just need some TLC due to normal wear and tear. T&A can add spear points, patterns, and rings to your custom gate design for the original look of your desire.

T&A's Welding will repair loose railings on permanent fixtures or their foundation by re-welding or re-enforcing the railing to alleviate safety concerns, liability issues and prevent unnecessary injuries. We can alter railings to meet State and Safety Regulations or we can alter the railings to meet your standards and specifications for something that you may want modified for a different look. T&A will design or repair any gate or fence damage you may come across.

T&A's Mobile Welding and Gate Repair will add hinges and trip latches to your gate repairs for proper locking and closing for security and safety. Our welders will re-adjust your gate from rubbing or dragging if it is out of alignment. We will repair the fence surrounding your business place or home which may have some rust or element damage. Portions or spots of fencing tend to disintegrate or become weak especially in those sprinkler areas. T&A will "Come To You", remove the flawed or defective portions and restore it with new steel. This will leave your fence safe and looking new and leave you without the excessive cost and hassle of replacing the entire fence or large fence sections. T&A will also install spear points on the top of your fence surface to provide more security for your home or business by discouraging intruders from climbing the fence. There are no limits to our welding and/or fabricating services. If you have a problem, we can solve it. If you have a design, we can fabricate it.

T&A's Mobile Welding and Gate Repair will repair or fabricate your specifically designed gate, railing or fence or remove and re-install your railing, gate or fence for remodeling purposes. Call us today!

Rotted Fence Section 1 Rotted Fence Section 2 Rotted Fence Section 3

Rotted Fence Section (Example)

Gate Repair 1 Gate Repair 2 Gate Repair 3 Gate Repair 4

Gate Repair (Example)

Gate and Fence Gate and Fence 2 Gate and Fence 3 Gate and Fence 4

Gate and Fence Repair (Example)

Rotten Post Replacement 1 Rotten Post Replacement 2 Rotten Post Replacement 3 Rotten Post Replacement 4

Rotten Post Replacement (Example)