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Trailer Repair

T&A's Mobile Welders offers an array of trailer repair services. Our staff of welders will repair trailer hitches that may have broken from normal wear and tear and/or replace the trailer hitch altogether. If your trailer has frame or axle damage, T&A's welding will happily come to your location and fix your welding needs. We prevent any hassle of hauling or towing costs to haul your trailers to a stationary shop.

Our Mobile Welders can install new trailer hitches, trailer wenches, trailer spare tire mounts, and replacement trailer wheel jacks. We can weld additional straight stake pockets for more strapping capabilities for your trailers, as well as lockable trimmer racks for open trailers. T&A's mobile welding will also install trailer tongue tool boxes on open or cargo trailers. We also will fabricate side panels for your open trailers for extra hauling capabilities. We handle steel or aluminum trailers, and repair cracks, breaks, or simply cut out entire bad or rotten sections and weld new material in its place on trailer frames, tongues and more.

T&A's Mobile Welding will also fabricate and install custom ramps for your ATV trailers, or open-end trailers. We can build canopies on your trailer frames so that you can add tarps for those hot summer days protecting your products you may keep stationary on your trailer. If you own a deck trailer and can't seem to get your Rhino or Polaris to fit from a side load, you're in luck. T&A can fabricate custom removable stops for front and rear, to keep your toys from sliding or bouncing out of place. Here you can view some samples of canopies and removable stops.

Mobile Welder Blue ATV Mobile Welder Trailer

Our Mobile Welders also offer boat trailer repairs such as broken parts or replacement parts. We also have repaired aluminum pontoons on the actual boat themselves. T&A's welding services can fabricate steps, extra supports, and any other addition you can think up to make your boat trailers more accessible and versatile for your needs. Our welders have experience replacing the resting points on boat trailers in which the boat rests on while being transported, which sometimes cause pressure or stress cracks from bouncing on rough roads, or the stress from actual boat weight. This commonly happens on aluminum trailers more so than steel trailers. Also we install Fold Away Hitches for expanding storage space on boat and any other trailer as well.

T&A's Mobile Welding will modify your existing truck racks for increased hauling capabilities, or fabricate your own custom truck rack to meet your vehicle specifications. We can fabricate window racks for those hauling glass materials, racks to transport goods, to your common ladder racks. T&A's welding also can customize in-closed cage fixtures on your pickups for hauling those big awkward loads, capable of hauling bulk materials at any one given time. Headache racks, as well as attached storage boxes, are useful tools for adding extra protection to your cabs for those Tow Truck, Tractor Trailer, and Flatbed Drivers. T&A's Mobile Welders can get it done for all of the OTR and Local Drivers, anything from loose work chains and hooks to fabricating boxes for all your materials being stored while not in use.

Fold Away Hinge Repair 1 Fold Away Hinge Repair 2 Fold Away Hinge Repair 3 Fold Away Hinge Repair 4

Fold Away Hinge (Example) Maricopa, AZ

Trailer Repair 1 Trailer Repair 2 Trailer Repair 3 Trailer Repair 4

Trailer Repair (Example) Apache Junction, AZ